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JOLIE is a lustrous moisturizing oil blend for supple lips. This blend is designed to soak into your lips not to sit on top as a gloss would. With continued use it should allow you to have healthier lips.



Use the soft wand applicator to rub the oil blend over your lips. Directly after applying there will be a noticeable immediate shine. After a short while the shine will start to disappear as Jolie soaks in to promote softness & healthier moisturized lips. Apply throughout the day as needed. 

*From a place of care for our customers (and from personal experience) we also recommend drinking water, eating well, exercising, and resting properly when aiming to make any type of bodily change, improvement or transformation.



- Castor oil promotes hydration by preventing water loss. It also soothes, conditions, and heals skin leaving it softer ad healthier with a subtle glow.

- Sweet almond oil rejuvenates and shields by aiding in the removal of dead skin cells while protecting against ultra violent sun rays.

- Jojoba oil offers a protective barrier along while providing anti-aging benefits. It reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles inducing smoothness and moisture.

- Rosehip oil aides in collagen production while preventing inflammation and improving skin flexibility.

Vegetable glycerin helps to protect the lips from infections, soothe irritation, retain moisture, and improve the skin barrier function.

Vitamin E oil helps the lips to retains moisture, may lighten hyperpigmentation, and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Classifications: Cruelty-free - Halal - Kosher - Plant-Based - Vegan - Vegetarian 



There is no added fragrance to this product. There is only the subtle natural scent from the dried flowers and/or leaves.  



approximately 9 ml



12 months from purchase date



Please keep your lip oil out of extreme heat.

Customer Reviews

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Kia Nakia
It's the lips for me.

And another great product.
I'm really big on good lip products. I always put on chapstick or lip gloss but it feels good to switch it up and put on a good lip oil that actually moisturize your lips. Great product as always.
Thank you.

Love this product!

Ordered this product because I have to use a heavier lip color as I'm in front of a camera a lot and it can be really drying. This product seems to be thick and provide great coverage, but doesn't feel thick AT all! I like the way that it absorbs into my lips and doesn't just "sit" on top of them. I also put this on under my mask today, and it is continuing to provide great coverage. Like it a lot!

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