Mini BIJOU Lip Slush

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Bijou is an all natural sugar slush. With regular use our intention is that is aids you in having softer smoother lips.



It is our recommendation to apply Bijou 3 times a week on average.1- You can use a clean finger to scoop out the scrub and rub it onto your lips. Each lip scrub also comes with a mini spatula just in case you don't want to scoop it out with your fingers.

2- Rub the slush in circular motions over both lips. This starts the process of exfoliation and will remove the dead and/or dry skin from your lips.

3- You can then wipe your lips clean & apply one of our JOLIE Lip Oils or our AMOUR Overnight Lip Mask


**From a place of care for our customers (and from personal experience) we also recommend eating well, drinking water, exercise, and resting properly when aiming to make any type of bodily change, improvement or transformation.



- Aloe vera gel is moisture binding antioxidant. It helps your skin feel less dry while fighting against skin wrinkles and irritation.

- Coconut oil is a miracle oil. It is antibacterial and antiviral. It absorbs quickly into your lips helping them heal and soften.

- Pure cane sugar offers gentle exfoliation when rubbed onto the lips. The process of exfoliation removes dead skin cells leaving lips softer & smoother. They usually also appear more plump and pink. Our pure cane sugar is vegan as it is free of bone char.

- Vegetable glycerin helps to protect the lips from infections, soothe irritation, retain moisture, and improve the skin barrier function.

- Vitamin E oil helps the lips to retains moisture, may lighten hyperpigmentation, and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Fun Fact: Bijou is edible & tastes like candy but is not intended as food.

Classifications: Halal - Kosher - Plant-Based - Vegan - Vegetarian


There is no added fragrance to this product. There is only the subtle natural scent of lavender from the dried flowers.  



approximately 7 ml



6 months from purchase date



Please do not allow water to enter the container. If it does your lip slush will harden and be difficult to use. If you purchase a lip slush that has flowers or leaves please be aware that they lie on top of the slush. They are not incorporated throughout. You can easily remove & discard them before using the slush. If you would like to incorporate them into your slush you can place them into the lid and use the mini spatula to crush into fine pieces. Once crushed you can stir them into the slush. This process is optional. Our lip slush provides results with or without the flowers/leaves.

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