About Zeynabu Boutique

It was Deion Sanders who said, "If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good. If they pay good, you live good."

For each of us "play" may be different. I don't play ball but I do manage (along with my husband) a home and a blended family. Along with that I teach and operate two online businesses.

The "pay" for some of my works and efforts is not always monetary. Sometimes it is a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, accomplishment, and/or certain benefits.

An integral part of feeling good is showing up to life presentable. Many women wear multiple hats and we sometimes put ourselves last for the forward movement of our loved ones. Part of Zeynabu Boutique's mission is to change that narrative.

The aim is to help women show up as their best selves & to put themselves first as often as possible. We have to love on us before we are full enough to love on everyone else who need us. ZB is here to help you put yourself first more often. You deserve it.

With love,

Founding Creatress of ZB