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Our fragrance oils are high quality, uncut, & alcohol-free. The lasting power of each individual oil will depend on body chemistry. We recommend applying the oils on the wrists, neck, & ankles (or anywhere you'd apply perfume). They can also be applied to clothing and hair but may stain certain types of fabric.

IMPORTANT: Our fragrance body oils are intended to be used externally on the body. Do not use internally. They are NOT intended to be used with diffusers, oil burners, nor any similar household items.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Our Fragrance oil/Perfumed body oils listed in this website are inspired by the designer perfumes, which are the trademarks of their respective owners. We do not have any associations with them nor are we are claiming that the perfumes oils are designed by them.

Customer Reviews

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Naomi Seifullah
Jamaican Fruit

SubhanAllah this oil is soft, fruity and lasts. This makes a great gift. Inshallah I'll order more, especially for Eid gifts.

Faridah Mcbride
Light and floral

Love this Perfume I didn’t expect it pack Such a strong and elegant smell and a small portion. I use it almost every few days or myself and my children they really like it as well.

Kia Nakia
Smells Great

I bought the Jasmine oil and I love the way it smells. I put it on every day before work. Another great product.
Thank you.

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