AMOUR Overnight Lip Mask

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AMOUR is an overnight lip mask created to soothe your lips. It is best to apply it after you've used the BIJOU Lip Slush. After you've applied your mask rest well then wipe it off when you wake up. The final step would be to apple the JOLIE lip oil to achieve soft supple lips.



It is our recommendation to apply Amour nightly or every other night before you go to sleep.

1- You can swirl a clean finger in circular motions in the container. This will allow you to control the amount of product you'll use. Each lip mask also comes with a mini spatula for ease of use when the product gets low or hits pan.

2- Once you have the desired amount swipe it onto one lip and rub it into your lip using a left-to-right motion. Rub in this motion until it feels silky.

3- Rub both lips together for a light and even distribution. 

4- Sleep beautifully and when you awaken simply wipe your lips clean and apply your favorite oil, balm, or gloss. If you don't have a favorite try one of our JOLIE Lip Oils - it is likely to quickly become your go-to lip oil.



- Avocado butter helps to prevent premature aging, wrinkles & sun damage. It also provides quick relief to dry dehydrated skin.

- Castor wax (hydrogenated castor oil) is a derivative of castor oil. Castor oil promotes hydration by preventing water loss. It also soothes, conditions, and heals skin leaving it softer ad healthier with a subtle glow. Castor wax may act as a protective layer when applied to the skin. 

Coconut oil is a miracle oil. It is antibacterial and antiviral. It absorbs quickly into your lips helping them heal and soften.

- Flax oil is jam packed with beneficial fatty acids, selenium, & protein. It provides nourishment & growth incentives for hair along with helping to treat hair loss & prevent damage.

- Jamaican black castor oil packs a heavy punch. It strengthens, thickens, feeds, & moisturizes the hair. This oil alone can yield great results - coupled with all of the other ingredients in our serum you'll likely see amazing results.

- White shea butter (unrefined) is a true queen. It is creamy and easy to spread onto the skin. It heals the skin with its anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties.

Vitamin E oil helps the lips to retains moisture, may lighten hyperpigmentation, and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Classifications: Cruelty-free - Halal - Kosher - Plant-Based - Vegan - Vegetarian 



Amour has the uplifting scent of strawberries. In Amour we use white shea butter instead of yellow shea butter so that natural shea butter scent is less evident.



approximately 14 ml



6 months from purchase date



Your lip mask may have mini crystals. If you feel crystals when applying it to you lips rub back and forth with your finger to allow the crystals to dissolve from the heat of your fingers and lips. Once dissolved you'll feel the silkiness of this amazing lip mask.

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