CHERI Eyelash & Eyebrow Health Serum

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CHERI is a handcrafted oil growth serum for lush eyelashes & eyebrows. We recommend applying it on a daily basis - preferably an hour or so before going to sleep at night. This will allow the serum to work while your body is at rest.

With consistent continuous usage you will likely notice longer, thicker, shinier, healthier eyelashes & eyebrows.



Use the wand brush applicator to brush & coat your eyelashes & eyebrows with Cheri. Apply at least once a day or overnight with consistency for best results.

*From a place of care for our customers (and from personal experience) we also recommend eating well, drinking water, exercise, and resting properly when aiming to make any type of bodily change, improvement or transformation.



Castor oil strengthen hair & promotes hydration by preventing water loss. It also softens & conditions hair leaving it looking healthier with a subtle sheen.

Coconut oil is a miracle oil. It protects hair from protein loss while stimulating growth. It is antibacterial and antiviral. It absorbs quickly into the hair moisturizing and strengthening it to prevent breakage and repair damages.  

- Flax oil is jam packed with beneficial fatty acids, selenium, & protein. It provides nourishment & growth incentives for hair along with helping to treat hair loss & prevent damage.

- Jamaican black castor oil packs a heavy punch. It strengthens, thickens, feeds, & moisturizes the hair. This oil alone can yield great results - coupled with all of the other ingredients in our serum you'll likely see amazing results.

Vegetable glycerin coats the hair to reduce breakage and add moisture.

Vitamin E oil increases the strength of hair and stimulates growth. It has a high amount of antioxidants, which boosts the elasticity of hair and adds sheen. 

Classifications: Cruelty-free - Halal - Kosher - Plant-Based - Vegan - Vegetarian 



Cheri is lightly scented with its signature fragrance - Antique Rose. The scent is light, fresh, and subtly floral - as if a rose was soaked in musk.



approximately 9 ml



12 months from purchase date



Cheri is crafted with the intention to be completely absorbed by the hair strands. It is not a mascara. It does not create a barrier and will not prevent water from reaching the hair strands nor hair follicles. Thus, it is wudu (ablution) friendly.

It is created in small batches to ensure the highest quality & effectiveness. 



Please keep your serum out of extreme heat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So cute!

I got this as a Christmas gift and I thought this was the sweetest touch! It won't let me upload the handwritten note. But an A+ for that awesome touch!

Hashima Watts
My lashes & brows are flourishing!!!

I've been using this lash & brow serum for over a month now, and my lashes and brows are looking soooo nice. It's light, smells good, and doesn't leave a residue on my pillow or the area that I apply it to.
I had a few bald spots in my brows from years of waxing, and those spots have started growing in. My lashes look amazeeee balls!! Whenever my husband notices my lashes, I KNOW that what I'm doing is working. Do yourself a favor and get this serum!!

Kia Nakia

I absolutely love this product.
I'm not into makeup, but adding this product made my eyebrows and eyelashes look so moisturizing. Great product, thank you.

Awesome product!

Just ordered and it arrived super quick! The packaging is great and I'm excited about the product! The serum has a very pleasant but mild smell, yet it seems rich. I have just started using it on my eyelashes at night after my usual skin care routine, since the creator suggested this. Love it so far!!!

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